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Getting started! One bed is ready. Fence is up. Plotting our garden, then in go the seeds! It’s been a great project for the hubby & I to do together. Getting some quality outside time together. #raisedbed #gardening #readyforseeds #qualitytimetogether
This is what happens when you are 26 years old and make cookies with a hand held mixer that is about 10 years older than you are. The mixer lifts right off!  

I’ve got to press on!!

Craving for Companionship

There are pros to living away from the city.  No traffic, generally pretty quiet, more land and trees, fresher air, close to the river, you can kind of do whatever you want due to no HOA rules, etc.  But sometimes it just gets a little lonely.  I have found myself yearning for companionship and fellowship with other human beings, particularly female companionship.  

Now, I have never been so satisfied in my relationship with my husband, let alone any other man.  He’s absolutely fantastic, and even though I see him everyday, I find myself missing him when we aren’t together.  I love him more than I ever even thought was possible.  At first, I didn’t understand how I could feel so emotionally satisfied, yet still ache for more, for something different. 

I’ve read several books on how men and women differ in how they process information and react to life situations.  We generally differ in how we make decisions, how we react to struggle, how we show and feel love.  Now this is definitely not all encompassing, each person is different, whether male or female.  But the way I feel when I spend time with my husband is very different from how I feel when I spend time with other male friends, and especially my female friends.  This is not to be construed in any way to bring sexuality into the picture.  I’m talking about the emotional and spiritual connection between people.  I don’t have many close female friends, but those that I do have, challenge me, accept me, and bring out creativity in me, and I love that about them. 

In the past, I don’t know that I have ever craved companionship so much.  Could it be because I’ve always searched for that intimate relationship with my lifetime partner, and now that I have that, I’m lacking in the other areas?  Possibly.  But to bring it back to living in the country, all I have to say is that I don’t have any friends out here.  All of my friends live at least a 30 minute drive away from where I live, or farther.  Some as far as 7 hours away.  This is a challenge that I haven’t really ever had to deal with before. 

My current challenge is to figure out what to do to resolve this lack in companionship.  Maybe I can make more trips to where my friends are.  The struggle I have with that, is that I get so tired at about 10pm, and after a long days’ work, it is tough for me to make the 30 minute to an hour drive one way to spend a little bit of time with some friends, to then have to turn around and drive that same distance back.  Spending time with my friends is definitely more important than worrying about drive time, but it’s hard to look past, especially with gas being so expensive as well. 

The feeling I get from time to time, from having not been around many of my friends in the last several months, is that their lives are all moving on without me in them.  It makes me sad to think about, whether it is a true thought or not.  I don’t want to lose my friends because I wouldn’t get in the car and drive to see them.  You could argue that they could come visit me…yes.  But I’m the only one they know out here.  And there’s not a whole lot to do in the realm of entertaining.  We’ve got 4 restaurants, 2 gas stations and a bunch of churches.  Even to get a pizza or groceries you have to drive at least 20 minutes to the next big town.  I don’t mind all that, but most people aren’t accustomed to it. 

We’ll just have to see what the next few months holds.  Hopefully things will resolve in my struggle over the battle with loneliness.  I’m sure it will. 

Until next time!  :)

TOMS Shoes

I just thought I would let everyone know…The TOMS outlet website, or any other website besides www.toms.com is in no way associated with the real TOMS One for One movement.  I live chatted with a representative from the real TOMS, and she informed me that there are many TOMS imposters out there.  If you are purchasing these shoes to be a part of the One to One movement, don’t purchase them from anyone other than www.toms.com  

I am in no way affiliated with the company, I just believe that what they are doing is a positive thing. 

So if you’re going to buy TOMS, buy them from the real TOMS store.  www.toms.com

Dinah-Might Adventures in Intuit Small Business Big Game Contest

So for those of you I haven’t already told or who haven’t already seen…

The company that I work for (Dinah-Might Adventures) has entered the Intuit Small Business Big Game contest.  We are currently in the second round, which ends on Oct 13th.  From there the contestants will be narrowed down to just 20 entrants.  We feel like we really have a chance! 

The winner of the competition gets a free 30-second commercial that will air during the Superbowl in January!  That’s a huge deal.  This could be absolutely fantastic for my company! 

Please help us get there!  Vote once a day!

Oh and this is the video that I put together for our contest page.  Hope you enjoy it.


I like this fortune!  Bring it on!

You know how sometimes you give something up for a period of time because you think it’ll be good for you, and all that jazz? 

Just got off 30 days without chocolate…

The only thing it did for me was make me realize that giving up chocolate is a dumb idea.  I missed you my dark friend!

Flour free brownies!  They’re my new favorite. So delicious! They are made with garbanzo beans. I’ve had people try them and have no idea that they were flour-less.

Beach trip with the ladies!

Guess who wants to go with me this weekend!